Unbreakable, a drabble

by mizvoy

“The problem with beautiful things is that they break so easily.”

Kashyk’s observation echoed in Chakotay’s memory. The alien had been studying a delicate flute of champagne, but when he spoke his eyes were focused on Kathryn Janeway. So arrogant, so confident that he could break her.

She had been beautiful that night, her blue eyes shining, her smile radiant as she and the crew celebrated their discovery of the wormhole’s next location.

After Kathryn freed the telepaths and regained command of Voyager, Chakotay caught the fast-retreating Kashyk and looked him square in the eye.

“Some beautiful things are unbreakable.”


This drabble was written as part of VAMB’s Spring Fling story exchange . Many thanks to quantumsilver for the perfect first line. :D