Two Drabbles

Written for Hester as part of VAMB’s 10th anniversary drabble exchange. Hester provided the delightful first line.

“Sweet Nothings”

a drabble by Mizvoy (set on Tom’s first night in the brig “Thirty Days.”)

Spending the night in the brig definitely had its advantages.

I wasn’t subjected to Harry’s mournful clarinet practice next door.

I wasn’t awakened by B’Elanna’s ice cold feet when she finally came to bed.

I wasn’t spending hours in Sickbay cataloging the Doc’s research results into the medical database.

I wasn’t enlisted into the latest “educate Seven by being her friend” exercise.

I wasn’t stuck at the helm for an entire shift ignoring the command team flirting and whispering sweet nothings to each other.

No, I finally had the whole night to myself.

And I hated every minute of it.

Plus a bonus Janeway drabble!

Solitary Confinement

a drabble by Mizvoy (Set just after the events of “Repression.”)

Spending the night in the brig definitely had its advantages.

Now that the crisis has ended, I’m grateful that I was left in solitude overnight. My tears of frustration were witnessed only by the guard, who had no idea how deeply the mutineers’ hard, cold eyes haunted my thoughts.

I’ve accepted that the Maquis weren’t in control of their actions, but I’m troubled that it was Tuvok’s Vulcan willpower that broke Teero’s spell, not Chakotay’s affection for or loyalty to me.

No, the brig was the best place for me to grieve over losing Voyager . . . and Chakotay.