I became a Star Trek fan in the 70’s when I first saw The Original Series during my college years. I used to entertain myself by imagining what happened in the Star Trek universe when the cameras stopped rolling and the characters continued to live their lives between the episodes. I started writing those imaginings down in the 1990s when The Next Generation was on the air and published a few TNG stories in the fanzines that were popular before the internet arrived. However, Voyager’s female captain and her exile in the Delta Quadrant caught my imagination as no other series had before.

In February 2002, my sons talked me into posting my first story on fanfiction.net (you can still find them there: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/170762/), and the rest is history. Now, my stories are on ff.net and right here on a site of my own!

I have made many great friends through a shared fascination with Voyager in general and the Janeway/Chakotay relationship in particular. These friends live all over the world, work in dozens of fields, and range in age from teenagers to retirees, and yet we have managed to overlook our differences and find common ground. I dedicate these stories to those friends, for their encouragement, their incredible feedback and support, and their constant understanding, and to my sons, who seem to delight in their mother’s unusual hobby.

I hope you enjoy your journey into my imagination! Feedback is always appreciated!

Peace, Miz