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  • Jennifer724

    Your stories are amazing! Please keep writing, I love reading them!

  • Little Dagger

    Mizvoy, I found your story Undeniable about five years ago, and I reread it a couple of times a year. In class this week we learned about subtext in dialogue, and how sometimes characters get really emotional about something inconsequential and the whole time I just couldn’t stop thinking about the scene in your story where they argue about breakfast. When I got home I got out the story and read it, and it was even better than I remembered! I’m inspired every time I read it. I’m really excited to find your webpage, and can’t wait to read more! The quality of your writing is really superb. And I can tell by the sheer mass of fanfiction on your page that you write all the time. Have you published any books? Do you have other writing projects? Thanks for what you have done so far. In my list of favorite stories, Undeniable is one of them.