Disclaimer: These thoughts are mine, although I have temporarily parked them in a Starfleet head.

Summary: They say true love never dies.

Author’s note: While I intend for this to be J/C, in reality, I’m not sure whether these are Janeway’s or Chakotay’s thoughts. What do you think?


a drabble by mizvoy

I thought of you today.

I was reading a report about an uprising in the colonies in which the rebel leader and the Starfleet captain forged a workable compromise in less than an hour.

When asked about the agreement, the rebel leader said, “I knew I’d met someone that I could trust to do the right thing.”

The captain said, “We discovered that we share basic values.”

What else does anyone need?

Trust. Common values.

A friendship can be based on that, and love, cherished, unforgotten, eternal.

I thought of you today.

But, then, every day, I think of you.

  • Lynn

    Maybe it is both reading about this