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FanFic from Mizvoy

Broken Circle

Fiction Rated: K+ – Words: 9,789 – Published: 10-06-09

According to the Pocket Book novels, Janeway has “died” as the Borg queen and has been taken away by Lady Q. But, where did they go? And what is Janeway doing?

Three Observations

Fiction Rated: T – Words: 2,523 – Published: 4-17-09

At the end of “Vis-a-Vis,” Janeway’s consciousness is briefly contained within Tom Paris’s body. What did she think of her time as a man? Inquiring minds want to know.

Hard Time

Fiction Rated: K – Words: 2528 – Published: 8-7-08

A “Nightingale” episode addition. Chakotay is reminded that being a ship’s captain is not all that much fun.

The First Noel

Fiction Rated: K – Words: 1,950 – Published: 7-2-08

On the first Christmas following Voyager’s return, Janeway shares her family with Chakotay.


Fiction Rated: K+ – Words: 6301 – Published: 1-2-08

When she hears rumors that Chakotay has a new love interest, Kathryn Janeway realizes that it’s time to put her heart on the line. JC Post Endgame