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Community Property – Chapter 6

Community Property by mizvoy Part 6.1 Aunt Martha Has the Last Word May 2380—Three months later The Janeway farm in Indiana Kathryn Janeway sat on her mother’s screened-in porch on a late spring morning, sipping coffee and trying to ignore her Aunt Martha’s running commentary. The weather was mild, almost perfect, and the two women […]

Community Property – Chapter 5

Community Property by mizvoy Part 5.1 Amidst the Debris Feb. 17 and 18, 2380–Same day (Eighteen and nineteen days after Redmon’s disappearance) Trebus Transport ship “Is he going to make it?” Chakotay stood beside Tuvok’s battered body in the Trebus transport ship’s tiny sickbay. They’d sent a probe into the upper atmosphere soon after their […]

Community Property – Chapter 4

Community Property by mizvoy Part 4.1 The Search Feb. 15, 2380–Three days later (Seventeen days after Redmon’s disappearance) Trebus Transport ship “Did you read the full report on Starfleet’s raid, Chakotay?” Mike Ayala lounged in the cockpit of one of the transport company’s shuttles studying the data that Admiral Paris had sent them by way […]

Community Property – Chapter 3

Community Property by mizvoy Part 3.1 Desperate Measures Jan. 30, 2380–Two weeks after leaving DS9 Hankeel’s tactical shuttle, Redmon Kathryn Janeway was pleased with the mission’s early success. After just two weeks of work, Hankeel’s small fleet had apprehended a dozen smugglers and had filled an entire cargo bay with contraband. The trade lanes were […]

Community Property – Chapter 2

Community Property by mizvoy Part 2.1 I Spy Two Years after Voyager’s Return January 15, 2380—Eleven months later Dorvan V “Dorvan isn’t much like I remember it,” Chakotay said as he and his sister, Liana, walked along the river that had once bordered their parents’ village. The Cardassian barrage of the planet more than a […]

Community Property

Rated: K+ – Chapters: 26 (posted here as 6) – Words: 66,680 – Published: 1-12-13

In every divorce, even one in the 24th century, the couple must divide their community property (possessions held jointly by husband and wife). What happens when that property is the friendship of a single individual? In their divorce, can Chakotay and Seven find a way to share Kathryn Janeway without having to cut her in two? Or will one of them have to give up her friendship forever?