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Three Observations

Fiction Rated: T – Words: 2,523 – Published: 4-17-09

At the end of “Vis-a-Vis,” Janeway’s consciousness is briefly contained within Tom Paris’s body. What did she think of her time as a man? Inquiring minds want to know.

Hard Time

Fiction Rated: K – Words: 2528 – Published: 8-7-08

A “Nightingale” episode addition. Chakotay is reminded that being a ship’s captain is not all that much fun.

The First Noel

Fiction Rated: K – Words: 1,950 – Published: 7-2-08

On the first Christmas following Voyager’s return, Janeway shares her family with Chakotay.


Fiction Rated: K+ – Words: 6301 – Published: 1-2-08

When she hears rumors that Chakotay has a new love interest, Kathryn Janeway realizes that it’s time to put her heart on the line. JC Post Endgame