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Beyond Definition – Chapter 6

Beyond Definition – Chapter 6 by mizvoy Three months later, after Kathryn’s death Olivia stood at the top of the bluff gazing out at the ocean. Behind her, two headstones glistened in the rain, one for each of her parents. The wind swirled and caught the long cape she wore, tossing it in the air […]

Beyond Definition – Chapter 5

Beyond Definition – Chapter 5 by mizvoy Spring 2418 Indiana, the Janeway homestead “You’ll be feeling better soon,” Olivia announced as she sat down beside her mother. “Really? The Doctor told you that?” “Not in so many words, but-.” “But that’s what you heard, because that’s what you wanted to hear.” “Mother.” “Don’t ‘Mother’ me. […]

Beyond Definition – Chapter 4

Beyond Definition – Chapter 4 by mizvoy Spring 2417 San Francisco, on the pathway near Kathryn Janeway’s apartment Kathryn Janeway toiled up the path to the bluff that overlooked the ocean, grateful for the balance that her cane offered her. She had been delayed in making her daily walk because of a late morning meeting […]

Beyond Definition – Chapter 3

Beyond Definition – Chapter 3 by mizvoy Spring 2416 San Francisco, Kathryn Janeway’s apartment The rain was icy cold by the time Kathryn Janeway finished her daily walk. Chilled to the bone and shivering, she shook the rain out of her umbrella inside the foyer of her apartment building and slid it into one of […]

Beyond Definition – Chapter 2

Beyond Definition – Chapter 2 by mizvoy Spring 2415 in San Francisco, Kathryn Janeway’s office “How old was I when Dad and Seven broke up for good?” Kathryn Janeway looked up from her desk to find her daughter striding through the door with a near-panicked Lt. Jones in pursuit. “The admiral is expecting an important […]

Beyond Definition

Rated: K+ – Chapters: 6 – Words: 6,994 – Published: Sep 12, 2013

One possible conclusion to the story “Ties That Bind.” I suggest you read that story first (it is available on my profile page). In this universe, J and C never get together after Voyager’s return and, as their lives come to an end, their daughter, Olivia, struggles to understand their unusual relationship. J and C friendship. No C/7 here. Warning! Main character deaths.